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New Products from Symmetry Surgical Portfolio Spotlight

Use the menus to the left for a drill-down search for surgical instruments by portfolio. Or, search for any product code or instrument name or keyword in the search box at the top of the page. Our latest innovations are below.

Bookwalter® Retractor Systems

With over 30 years of proven performance and reliability, Bookwalter® is the market-leading table-mounted retractor system. We proudly partner with surgeon-inventor Dr. John Bookwalter and continuously innovate to meet the changing needs of the surgical community. Learn more about our Bookwalter® Products.

The Quad-Lock® Sterilization Container is a customizable container used to securely store sterilized surgical instruments, maintaining the sterile field and allowing for convenient transportation. Read More.

Symmetry Sharp KerrisonTM
The Symmetry Sharp Kerrison is a first-of-its-kind, patented Kerrison that provides a new tip every time. With 12 possible handle and tip configurations,
the Sharp Kerrison adds a new layer of customization to our extensive Kerrison portfolio. Learn more.

Vesocclude Medical, LLC is now part of Symmetry Surgical!

Symmetry Surgical has acquired key assets of Vesocclude Medical, including its product portfolio of ligation clips and appliers. Read More.