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Grants and Educational Support

Symmetry Surgical supports a variety of charitable causes that provide assistance to those in need. We receive a number of requests for donations and review each one separately to evaluate the relative merits.

Symmetry Surgical will determine the amount of assistance provided to each applicant based on several factors, including but not limited to; the needs of the applicant, the relative needs of others who have applied for assistance, available resources, whether there is other assistance available to cover all or part of the request and any other factors the Company deems important. 

You may download the applications below. When complete, please fax to 1-800-342-3272 or email to grantsanddonations@symmetrysurgical.com

Application for Assistance
Application for Assistance - Surgical Instruments, Devices & Equipment
Application for Assistance - Cadaveric Lab Support

Policy on Interactions with Healthcare Providers

Symmetry Medical, Inc. (“Symmetry”) is committed to collaborative processes with Healthcare Professionals (HCP) to develop innovative and beneficial medical devices and technologies. Symmetry is also committed to providing programs designed to educate and train Healthcare Professionals in the safe and effective use of Symmetry products, including education and training, allowing Healthcare Professionals to provide the highest quality medical care and to bring devices that both enhance and save lives, to patients worldwide. Compliance with prevailing laws and acting with the highest ethical standards is critical to Symmetry's continued collaboration with Healthcare Professionals. With these considerations in mind, we are committed to making medical device and treatment choices free of improper financial inducements.

You can download our policy here.